All profits from our magazine sales go to various charities. We don't make much, but every penny counts, and I want to thank all of the beautiful Utopia Gals for being a part of our women empowerment group. Recently KY had some horrible tornados come through and destroy several homes and hurt and kill many people. It's not much, but we, the Utopia Gals were able to make a small donation to the relief fund. Keep buying the magazines ladies, we are making a difference, slow and steady wins the race!

We are starting to post all of our receipts here. To us, women empowerment means lifting one another up at all times and donations help to do that, so we are going to do our best with our magazine sales to help out as many women as we can! If you would like to donate to us to add to one of the charities, please use the "Donate" button below. We promise all of your donations will go to women in need.